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3 Emerging Lift Phone Trends that Property Owners should Explore

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The rate of constructing high-rise buildings in Australia has risen steadily since 2015. It can partly be attributed to the increased population growth that has led to an increase in housing demand. However, the safety requirements in high rise buildings are a bit stringent, and it is for this reason that property owners are installing lift phones. Therefore, it is vital to discuss emerging trends in elevator lift phones with developers before installing any model of lift phone in your property. Importantly, your property manager will always be on top of emergency safety procedures with new technology. This article highlights some of the emerging features in lift phones.

Auto Network Failure Detection

While General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) technology has grown over the years, network failures are still unpredictable. During such times, you want to have a lift phone that can automatically detect network failure and switch to another network promptly. It can be extremely beneficial when the network masts of the primary network provider fail to transmit for one reason or another. An automatic network failure detection system, therefore, helps to keep the elevator phone operational, which is an essential feature for emergency cases.

Longer Battery Backup Hours 

Power can go down without warning just like a GPRS network. While electric power providers often try their best to provide a heads-up concerning scheduled power outages, there are instances when unscheduled power outages might occur. It can be a problem if the lift phone in your property does not have a battery backup or if the backup duration is limited. However, lift phone manufacturers are producing backup batteries with more extended backup hours of, for instance, eight hours or longer. Longer-lasting battery backups are not only immune to an unscheduled power outage, but they are also less likely to face downtime in cases of mild emergencies. Therefore, longer-lasting batteries are essential in situations where power outages take longer than anticipated. When shopping for lift phones, make sure that you choose the latest models since they have long backup hours.

Future Proof 

Innovations in the lift phone industry are on the rise; therefore, it is vital to invest in lift phones that are future proof, which allows for easy upgrading if essential features are introduced. For example, with the development of the 5G network underway, 4G lift phones are likely to get significant upgrades. Therefore, it is critical to install a lift phone that is ready for future integrations.