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Data Cabling—Simple Mistakes All Businesses Should Avoid

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Currently, data cabling is critical for all types of business as a lot of work is carried out online. And with an increasing demand for bandwidth, you may find your business requiring an upgrade of your data cabling to meet the growing needs of your company. Nonetheless, having new data cabling installed is not just about calling in a professional technician and assuming everything will be up and running. Business owners make a few mistakes with cable installation simply because they are unaware that they are doing something wrong. Below are common mistakes made with data cabling that you should avoid so that your network is running as efficiently as possible.

Installing data cables close to electrical wires

The one thing you should know about most computer networks is that data is transferred through unshielded twisted pair cabling. When having these data cables installed, some business owners may assume that having them parallel to their existing electrical cables would work to ensure all their wires are neatly in one place. However, this formation is terrible for your computer network because the magnetic field created by the electrical cables can impede the function of your data cables. To prevent exposing your UTP data cables unnecessarily to high electrical voltages, ensure that these data cables are installed a distance away from your electrical cables.

Leaving the data cables in a jumbled mess

Wiring up your business can be a messy affair. Nonetheless, some people may think that as long as the wires are hidden out of sight, then they have found a solution to the problem. The thing is leaving your data cabling in a jumbled mess is not exclusively an eyesore. When the data cables are all jumbled up together, it makes it extremely difficult to isolate the source of a problem if your network goes down. Moreover, messy cabling also makes fixing a problem a tedious process as the technicians will have first to dislodge the tangled cables before they can begin working on the malfunctioning wires. Cable management in the form of arranging the wires appropriately and labelling them as needed is crucial for an efficient network.

Overlooking data cable testing

While having a professional install your new data cables will technically mean they will immediately functional, it does not mean you should neglect to test the newly installed infrastructure. On some occasions, there could be minor adjustments that need to be made to ensure the cable specifications can meet your business' server requirements. This measure also saves you the trouble of experiencing random glitches that can impinge on your productivity.