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3 kids bedroom ideas that encourage learning

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Your child's bedroom is a really important space. It is the one place in the world that they can call their own, and it will play an important role in carving out their identity. It is a place where they will relax and fall asleep, it is a place where they will play with their friends, and it is also a place where they will learn things.

While you wouldn't want to transform a bedroom into a classroom, there are still some ways that you can make your kid's bedroom a place for fun learning. Here are some ideas:

Install a whiteboard. Whiteboards are a fantastic idea for a kid's bedroom because they can be used in so many ways - they are quite literally a blank canvas. If you want your child to explore his or her artistic streak, purchase lots of different coloured marker pens and allow them to have free reign with their creativity on the whiteboard.

A whiteboard can also be used to write down new words when your child discovers them, to write out their original stories and poems, or you can work together on maths tests on the whiteboard too.

Buy a globe lamp. Bedside lamps are a great idea in any bedroom because they can promote a stage between being awake and sleeping – a time with softer lighting when you can relax with a book. This will help your child get into a good bedtime routine and to read before bed, but if you want to go one step further, you could purchase a globe lamp with all the countries of the world.

These not only look cool but they will give your child an appreciation of world geography who will be sure to ask questions about many of the different countries on the globe.

Create a reading corner. Getting your kids to read and to actively love reading is so important, but it can feel like a chore if it's something that you do in the living room or at the dining table together. Instead, create a reading nook in your child's bedroom that is comfortable, fun, and, of course, full of books.

Fill the space with colourful cushions to make the place look inviting and full of energy - somewhere that your kid really wants to spend time. You can even get your child involved in creating the space by allowing them to help with painting bookshelves. To learn more, contact a company like Vista Visuals Australia Pty Ltd with any questions you have.