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How Your Business Can Benefit From the Mobile Capabilities of a Business Phone System

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Despite the ever increasing number of alternatives including social media, text messaging and email as forms of business communication involving clients and service providers, a telephone phone call remains the best way to pass the message across. Irrespective of the type of phone technology a business wishes to use, whether a landline phone system or a telephone line run through internet connection, choosing the ideal telephone system is an important solution towards maintaining a great client experience. One of the important features to consider is the mobile capacity of the business phone system. Read on for more insight.

Mobile capacity and its benefits

With employees and personnel always on the move, an ideal phone system would be the one able to connect with mobile phone gadgets. Instead of having to be physically present at their workstations to receive incoming business calls, workers have the liberty with phone systems running via cloud connection to make and receive business calls regardless of their location without necessarily having a business-dedicated phone line. In effect, mobile synchronisation provides workers with full functionality of their workstation phones anytime, anyplace.

Round the clock availability

The mobility capacity allows all incoming business calls to the staff's business lines to be redirected to their mobile phones. As a result, the company through its employees is always available to client needs and requests. The always accessible image achieved through the mobile feature is a good selling point to attract and retain new customers. No business wants to miss a call, which may mean a lost business opportunity because the employee was not at their workstation at the time of the call.


Through the mobile feature, workers can answer business calls at their workstation and redirect the call to their smart phone if they are just about to leave the workplace and wish not to cut the call. Once they walk out of the workplace, the call is then automatically transferred to their mobile phone without doing anything.

Business identity

While former employees could use your mobile phones to make calls to customers and clients when not present at their workstations, business phone solutions with the mobile capacity allow employees to have a similar accessibility without the need to hand out their personal phone numbers when they wish to transact company operations outside the office. In effect, employees are able to present themselves with their business identity. Because workers dealing with clients don't have to give out their personal mobile numbers, employers have far greater control over those clients in the event any worker resigns or is fired from their position. Basically, the client's phone number can be transferred to another employee to promote continuity. For more information, contact a business such as Coastal Voice & Data.