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Security Systems for Private Properties

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Many homeowners feel safer once they have a security system fitted in their homes. However, deciding on the right system can sometimes be confusing. All home security systems have advantages and disadvantages, and once these are understood and compared, choosing the right system becomes easier. This article looks at some different types of security systems, and examines their pros and cons.

Un-monitored Security System

This type of security system is basically an alarm system, that is triggered when an intruder tries to gain access to a property. Once detected, the system will then trigger a loud siren, accompanied by a flashing light. This type of security system is dependant on the intruder being moved away from the property, due to the light and the noise of the alarm system. It is not good for properties that have neighbors that are far away.


  • Easy to install
  • No monitoring fees
  • Draws attention to your property if an intruder is present


  • You are not notified if the alarm is triggered
  • Relies on your neighbors to hear or see the alarm, and then to call the police
  • Unsuitable for lone properties

Monitored Security Systems

These systems are set up to trigger an alert to a security company, who will then contact the police on your behalf.  However, it is common practice for a determined intruder to cut the telephone wires from your property, thus preventing the security company from being alerted.


  • Police automatically called on your behalf
  • Genuine peace of mind when you are not at home
  • Security centers operate twenty four hours a day, every day of the year


  • Monitoring fees can be expensive
  • Relies on the property's phone line to contact the security center
  • Can be a fairly big time gap from when the police are called and actually attend the property.

Electric Current Security System

This type of system is wired directly into your property, and monitors the doors and windows, using an electric current. An audible noise is issued by the system when it detects that a window or door has been opened. This is a modern type of security system.


  • Every single window and door is monitored
  • Wired to your property, so no need for battery replacing
  • Reasonably priced


  • Outside electrical currents can interfere with this type of system
  • Lightning can also prevent the system from working
  • Can be complex to install

It is important to select the security system that is most suited to your property; this will give you increased peace of mind. For more information, contact Alltronic Security Pty Ltd